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Tiny Territory Exhibition: Bugs and Beyond

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The Exhibition, Curator Talks & Workshops, Behind the Scenes and Future Projects!

Tiny Territory opened on November the 26th 2022 at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) in Darwin. A twelve month exhibition, this space is a reflection of one of our long term and ongoing projects!

Invertebrates in the Top End are the most numerous and important ecosystem engineers, service providers and waste managers, but they are rarely noticed or revered. Tiny Territory makes large and wondrous the small, colourful and alien-like invertebrates of the Northern Territory for all to see.

Tiny Territory Gallery

This exhibition has four distinct destinations:

  1. Museum Specimen Displays - Exploring themes including structural colour, Darwin iconic species, ant biodiversity and invertebrate size and structure.

  2. Hero Light Boxes - Immerse yourself in the larger than life images of some of the NT's most biodiverse creatures.

  3. Magnifier Slider - An interactive detail table with museum specimens placed under magnification for children and other curious humans alike!

  4. Instagram Wall - Take a family photo in front of some of the Northern Territory's iconic Lepidoptera species and tag #MAGNT!

Curator Talks and Workshops

Alongside the exhibition, join us in person to discover the tiny animals of our Territory with a string of Curator workshops and talks over this year long exhibition.

These events are available to be booked through MAGNT website's"What's On" page:

Behind the Scenes: Museum Specimens and Live Images

This exhibition may be months in the making, however our on-white photography ventures have been ongoing for many years. Along side in-situ photography to facilitate story telling and science communication, our on-white projects have presented a unique opportunity to explore our biodiversity more closely.

Below: Photographing museum specimens for the Tiny Territory Instagram Wall.

We are lucky enough to be able to share these resources online and in talks and workshops across the NT. See our most recent resources for purchase in our Shop section including "Invertebrates of Darwin" & "Frogs of Darwin" identification posters with more to come!

Future Projects

Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey and work so far, we have much more exciting projects planned ahead. Stay tuned!

NLWild Media - Nick Volpe & Lucyna Kania

Page Images Credit: NLWild & MAGNT / Mark Sherwood 2022.


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