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We are both avid conservationists from Australia, using photography and videography to help raise awareness on protecting our threatened eco-systems and wildlife. From Victoria, we have both completed Bachelors in Wildlife Conservation and Biology and are currently residing in the Northern Territory working as ecologists, park guides and zookeepers, educating the public about the Top End’s unique biota.

Nick’s passion for wildlife and photography started from a young age, exploring Australia’s unique landscapes whenever he could. His passions began to receive recognition by the age of 15 where Nick was a finalist in ‘Australian Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year’. Since then, Nick’s work has been published numerous times in Australian Geographic as an official contributor, alongside numerous other wildlife-related magazines. He has also done numerous live radio interviews, promoting Australia’s understudied animals.

Lucy has always been motivated towards the Environmental Science fields with a passion for threatened fauna conservation. Picking up the medium of photography relatively recently, her efforts have been recognised on short listing for the Natural History Museum’s ‘Nature Photographer of the Year’ competition’s finalists round of 2018 in London.

Together, we have also recently been involved in assisting natural history production "Our Great National Parks" narrated by Barack Obama, a Netflix series releasing April 2022.

Alongside our passions, we have also assisted in environmental research projects including government and museum surveys in Australia’s remote Mallee Deserts, restricted Alpine Regions, Western Australia, Far North Queensland, Northern Territory and abroad in Peru.

Come join us, we look forward to having you all follow us on our adventures!


"Our Great National Parks" - Netflix, 2022

Additional Photography, Camera Assistants & DIT technicians for EP 1. - Kakadu National Park

Notable Publications

"Prehistoric Predators" - Australian Geographic Issue 139, 2017

Double-page spread on Mygalomorphs of Australia.
Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.05.41 pm.png

"Night Stalkers" - Australian Geographic Issue 135, 2016

Double-page spread on Centipedes of Australia.
Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.23.25 pm.png

"Scorpions of Australia" - Australian Geographic Issue 131, 2016

Double-page spread on Scorpions of Australia.
Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.05.07 pm.png

Online publications

Our work has also been published in - Australian Geographic's 'Australia's Incredible Insects', Australian Geographic's 'Australia's Most Dangerous', CSIRO's 'A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia', CSIRO's 'Field Guide to the Reptiles of the Northern Territory', BioOne's publication 'Spiders as frog eaters: A global perspective'. 

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