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Natural History Showreel - NLWILD 2021 (4K)

Natural History Showreel - NLWILD 2021 (4K)

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ABC Darwin's "Tales from the Territory" Episode 3

"Nick Volpe & Lucyna Kania are naturalists, wildlife photographers, and absolute geeks on the Top End's little critters.

Bridging the gap between science and communication, they take pride in bringing us closer to wildlife than many would care to experience for themselves."

By Jayden O'Neil

Camera Assists and DITs for Netflix Original series "Our Great National Parks" Kakadu National Park sequence in the Northern Territory.

Narrated by Barack Obama.

National Science Week 2022 documentary "Top End Research Spotlight" following researchers investigating Northern Australian's biodiversity and the relationships between disturbance and ant ecology. 


Also, learn how eDNA is helping us monitor invertebrate biodiversity and how it can measure eco-system restoration.

2021 Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)'s campaign "Together We Can"calls on the voices of everyday Australians to support climate action.


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